How to get £15 of Amazon credit for free today when you top up your account

The Amazon Prime Day deals land at midday tomorrow and chances are, you’re going to be spending money. Possibly a lot if the deals are going to be as good as we think they are. It’s all very hush hush before the discounts go live.

We can tell one thing though and that’s how to take advantage of a couple of Amazon promotions right now that give you bonus credit on top-ups. And as much as we hate recommending such a thing, you’re going to have to put your shoes on for one of them. We pulled that face too.

The first deal involves getting £10 added to your Amazon account for free when you top up your balance ‘in stores’ with £40. We’re pretty confident about spending at least £50 on Amazon Prime Day, so getting a tenner of that for free is ok by us.

For full details on the promotion can be found at Amazon, although you might want to read our advice too, as we’ve tested this out for ourselves too and there are things to consider to make it much easier.

This promotion has to be used in stores with PayPoint functionality on the tills. Use the postcode checker on PayPoint’s site to find your nearest compatible store (a lot of small Co-Op and Tesco stores have them). You can take in a scanable barcode on your phone as mentioned at Amazon via the link above. If the store can’t get it to scan, ask for an Amazon Top Up Gift Code – that’s what we had to do. 

Then ask for a £40 top up. You’ll get a code on a receipt, which you then add to your account at home like a gift voucher. It’ll say £40 has gone on, and then you’ll get an email from Amazon saying £10 extra has been added to spend on anything sold by Amazon directly – it won’t actually appear on your balance, but will be taken off the total once you’re at checkout.

We’d advise calling any store before you head out, but PayPoint stores seem to be on the ball. Over on the promo’s website, Amazon also says you can buy the credit at epay-enabled stores, which generally have significantly more outlets according to their postcode checker.

However, we tested eight stores in the centre of Bath and not one of them had a clue about the promotion, or Amazon credit in general. So we’d avoid the epay option in all honesty as it was an absolute waste of shoe leather for us.

Remember, this offer can’t be done online and is not the same as buying a set amount gift card from your local supermaket, that’s a different thing entirely and you won’t get the bonus £10.

How to get another £5 for free

While using the Amazon app to add in our code received via the method above we noticed a bit of promo text saying ‘Top up £25, get £5 free’. So after adding the other £40, we went back to this option under ‘my account’ under the ‘top up account’ option, followed the steps to activate the promotion, added £25 and then received an email shortly after notifying us that £5 credit had been applied in the same manner as the £10 credit from the PayPoint deal.

Now go and get your £15 of free Amazon credit

So free money for Prime Day? Yes please. So head on over to the Amazon promo, check online for your nearest PayPoint store, call ahead just to check if it’s out of your way, head down and scan the barcode on your phone or ask for a gift code, top up £40 and apply it online. Then lookout for the other option to get £5 free with a further £25 top up.

Be sure to come back to us on Amazon Prime Day and we’ll show you all the best deals.

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