The Apple AirPower mat is reportedly entering mass production at last

The story of the AirPower wireless charging mat has been a baffling one: Apple teased it all the way back in 2017 and promised a 2018 launch, but since then has been rather quiet on when we can expect to see it. Rumors have swirled of numerous delays amid speculation that development on the mat is on the verge of being canceled altogether.

According to reputable charging experts ChargeLab, though, the AirPower mat is alive and well – and now entering mass production, finally. That’s based on a tip from unnamed sources working in the Apple supply chain.

ChargeLab’s sources say that the AirPower is being made by Luxshare Precision, the same company that handles manufacturing duties for the AirPods and various USB-C cables on behalf of Apple. While we can’t get guarantee that this is happening, it seems to be a tip off at the more credible end of the scale.

Charging to a full launch

Apple remains silent on the matter for now, unless you count a mention of the AirPower mat in the instructional manual accompanying the iPhone XS: the manual details how to charge the phone with the mat, even though the mat doesn’t exist yet.

It seems clear at this point that Apple is having trouble getting the charging mat working in the way it wants. The AirPower base promises to charge three different devices at once, so you could pop down your iPhone, your Apple Watch, and your AirPods case on the device and watch them all start to charge up wirelessly.

That’s no mean feat in engineering terms, and earlier reports suggested that AirPower prototypes were slow, buggy and unreliable. If Apple has managed to iron out those problems, we might see an announcement in the next few months.

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iPhone 11 tipped to have faster Wi-Fi, but 5G might have to wait

It’s closing in on four months since the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were revealed by Apple, which means it’s high time we started thinking about what the 2019 iPhones might have to offer – and the rumors swirling this weekend are focusing on the sort of wireless tech the handsets could introduce.

According to Barclays analyst Blaine Curtis, the iPhone 11 (or whatever it ends up being called) could well include support for Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax: the fastest Wi-Fi standard in existence. At the moment, most of us are on Wi-Fi 5.

That means a significant jump in Wi-Fi speed, assuming you or your local coffee shop have the broadband connection to support it, and a Wi-Fi 6 router all set up and ready to go. Depending on the setup you’re connecting to, you might see speeds get doubled at least, with potential improvements that are much greater.

The 5G waiting game

Like 5G, Wi-Fi 6 is about more than just speed: it’s about reliability and capacity as well. The incoming standard, which should start to gain widespread adoption in 2019, can provide more stable connections and support more devices simultaneously (very helpful for your growing smart home army of gadgets).

And what of 5G? We had previously heard that a 5G iPhone wouldn’t arrive until 2020, but comments made by Apple executive Tony Blevins in an antitrust trial involving Qualcomm suggest the company is weighing up its options for which 5G chips to use.

5G chips from MediaTek and Samsung are at least being considered, Blevins confirmed, though whether or not a decision has been made isn’t clear. There was no indication when these 5G chips would get used either, so it sounds as though iPhone fans might have to wait another year before this particular cellular upgrade arrives.

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