Mozilla and ExpressVPN team up to boost Firefox privacy

Mozilla has revealed that more Firefox users will be able to benefit from increased privacy and security online thanks to a new partnership with ExpressVPN.

The browser firm has launched a new partnership with ExpressVPN to provide the latter’s VPN services to Firefox Lite customers for the first time.

Customers using the newly-rebranded Firefox Lite browser will now be offered a free seven-day trial of ExpressVPN to try out the service, marking the first such partnership of its kind.

“ExpressVPN is delighted to be partnering with Mozilla, as we share their dedication to advancing the open web and online privacy and security,” said Harold Li, vice president, ExpressVPN. “Through our partnership, we’ll be able to help Firefox Lite users secure their connections and ensure their data is not exposed to prying eyes or malicious actors.”

Formerly known as Firefox Rocket, Firefox Lite is a low-power and bandwidth version of Mozilla’s popular browser, allowing users to use less mobile data and allow speedy browsing even on poor connection networks.

The offer will initially be available across four countries — India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines—which have over 729 million internet users combined. ExpressVPN says that users in these countries often turn to public Wi-Fi networks in frustration at poor connections, potentially putting themselves at risk of attack.

“Through our partnership with Mozilla, we hope to be able to educate users about these risks and equip them with tools to protect themselves,” ExpressVPN said in a blog post announcing the news.

“We are proud to provide a more secure browsing experience together with ExpressVPN,” said Charles P.C. Chen, head of business development, Mozilla Asia. “We see VPNs as a critical tool for internet security and privacy. ExpressVPN stood out for its pioneering work in leak proofing. We are happy to have established such a strong collaboration to bring a whole new level of secure mobile Web experience for our users.”

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The best cheap PlayStation VR bundles, prices and deals in November 2018

PlayStation VR bundles are cheaper than you might think. Sony cut the price of all its bundles a while back and most of them come packing the PS4 camera too, which you actually need to make the headset work.

Originally £350/$399 at launch for the headset alone the new pricing structure generally starts at just £259/$299. This includes the headset and also the camera and a game, usually the excellent minigame collection, VR Worlds. We’ve been seeing some very tempting discounts in recent months too, so now’s the time to seek out your mega bundle on the cheap.

Below you’ll find our guide to the best PlayStation VR prices out there for the headset along with bundle options often include the camera or games too, we’ll let you know which ones are the best value for money.

This PlayStation VR bundle deals page can also help you prepare by picking up the other kit you’ll need to enjoy the best PlayStation VR experience. You’ll want to pick up the PS4 camera as you need it for the PlayStation VR headset to work. You could also grab a couple of PS Move motion controllers, as some VR games support them. You can also use these items with a small number of Move-based PS4 games like SportsFriends or Just Dance. If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade, check out our PS4 Pro deals.

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cheap playstation vr deals

PlayStation VR prices

The grid below will be regularly updated with the latest PlayStation VR prices for the headset from different retailers. After seemingly endless stock shortages originally, units seem to be back in stock at most stores. Which is fantastic news with more games to enjoy than ever.

PlayStation VR bundles (USA)

PlayStation VR bundles (UK)

PlayStation VR game deals

Keep an eye on this handy chart below as we’ll update it with the latest prices for a wide range of PlayStation VR games. To compare prices on individual titles, click the ‘View all deals’ button at the bottom of the chart.

cheap ps4 camera

PS4 camera deals

It’s crucial you buy a PS4 camera along with your VR headset, otherwise, it will not work. Don’t pay more than the standard £40/$60 for the camera though.  Sony released an updated, rounder (see image above) model with a built-in TV-mount and there are deals included in the chart below, usually priced around £40-£45, which isn’t bad considering the new clip. The older PS4 camera is also compatible with PlayStation VR. If there’s nothing tempting below, maybe try for a new/preowned unit via eBay?

  • PS4 camera deals on eBay – UK
  • PS4 camera deals on eBay – USA

cheap playstation vr deals

cheap ps move motion controllers

PlayStation Move controller deals

The PlayStation Move motion controllers are very much an optional purchase as not every game supports them. Many that do, also have options to use the standard DualShock 4 PS4 controller instead.

Move wands aren’t as readily available as the cameras at the moment, but there are deals to be found if you shop around -or let us do it via that magical box below. some of the more expensive results are actually for twin packs. We’d advise a little caution if you’re considering preowned units, as the lack of use in recent years may have dulled the charge capacity of the battery compared to new controllers. If you want to try your luck (and probably save a fair amount), here are some handy links for eBay.

  • PS Move motion controller deals on eBay – UK
  • PS Move motion controller deals on eBay – USA

cheap playstation vr deals

We’ll update these PSVR prices on a regular basis and add any bundles that may appear featuring the headset, camera, controllers or games. 

Need an extra standard controller? Check out the best DualShock 4 deals.

Spotify starts testing an official Apple Watch app

An official Spotify app would probably be high on the wishlists of a lot of Apple Watch owners, and it looks as though we’re setting the first steps towards that. A early, limited test is now underway, according to users with access to the Spotify beta iOS app.

As per a Reddit thread, at the moment the app doesn’t actually do much except control playback on your iPhone. It might be that syncing playlists to the watch – surely one of the key features of any wearable app – is going to be rolled out further down the line, possibly after the app gets its official launch.

So far neither Spotify nor Apple have said anything publicly about the app or when we can expect to see it appear for the rest of us. Of course Apple would much rather you stuck with Apple Music, which might put a few bumps in the road.

Taking its time

We’ve heard hints in the past that a Spotify app for the Apple Watch would eventually see the light of day, though rumors have been swirling for a long, long time now. An announcement was tipped for WWDC 2018 in June but never materialized.

When pushed for comment by The Verge, Spotify refused to elaborate on its plans for an Apple Watch app, only noting that it tests out new features and functionality all the time. Considering you can use Spotify just about everywhere else – including Wear OS – it makes sense that the set would be completed with the Apple Watch.

If you’re not a part of the Spotify beta on iOS, you’ll have to sit tight and wait for the time being. Once the app makes it to the full version of Spotify, we’ll be sure to let you know – just don’t expect too much to begin with.

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