How to watch the British Championships: live stream athletics online from anywhere

In the midst of the omnipresent football fest unfolding in Russia right now, sports fans would be forgiven for letting the 2018 British Athletics Championships slip their mind. But the all-important track-and-field event is upon us and there’s plenty to compete for, so make sure you catch all the action by following one of the free live stream options we’ve outlined below. 

Upping the stakes in Birmingham this year is the fact that spots in Team GB for the European Championships are up for grabs as well as the national titles themselves, so expect a full-blooded showing from those competing at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. 

Among them will be Zharnel Hughes going head-to-head with defending champion Reece Prescod in the men’s 100m, while the women’s 800m looks particularly intriguing with Shelayna Oskan-Clarke defending her title against in-form Alex Bell, former European champion Lynsey Sharp and British Indoor champion Adelle Tracey.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and you can live stream the key action of the British Athletics Championships for free, wherever you are in the world, via one of the options below.

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How to live stream the British Athletics Championships in the UK for free

In the UK, the British Athletics Championships will be shown live on BBC Two, the BBC Red Button and BBC Sport online. That means you can watch for free when the coverage kicks of at 2.45pm on Saturday, June 30 (Red Button and online only), and from 1pm on Sunday, July 1 (BBC Two until 5pm, Red Button and online only from 5-6pm). 

Alternatively you can live stream the action via the BBC iPlayer platform or through a third-party online streaming TV service such as This means you can catch the athletics on TV, computer, tablet and smartphone for free if you’re in the UK.

Not in the UK this weekend? No worries – just download and install a VPN and use a UK location to watch as if you were back in blighty. Full instructions below.

How to live stream the British Athletics Championships for free anywhere else in the world

If you’re outside the UK and try to start streaming the athletics on the BBC, you’ll soon discover that it is location restricted. But there’s a way you can watch for free anyway. By downloading and installing a VPN, you can effectively trick your computer into thinking that it’s in the UK. That way you can enjoy the free coverage without having to pay your local broadcaster or find an illegal stream.

It’s really easy to get started with a VPN – here’s how to do it:

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The best Prime Day deals: how to get the best Amazon deals in July

Amazon Prime Day deals are coming your way in July and we want to help you find the best deals in what is usually the sales event of the summer.

Thanks to a leak we exclusively uncovered last week, it looks like Amazon Prime Day is probably going to start at midday on July 16th and carry on until midnight the following day on the 17th. That’s one hell of a long ‘day’ Amazon. The date has not been confirmed officially yet but we’ve got all our money firmly placed on those days.

We love a good deal here at TechRadar and we’ve been bringing you highlights of the best prices for years now around Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Memorial Day, bank holiday sales and every day in between too. And yes, we’ve got you covered for this weekend’s 4th of July sales too. So if you want to see the best deals rounded up by seasoned pros instead of seasonal enthusiasts, we’d very much like to see you right here on July 16th.

For now though, take a look at our top tips on how to get the most from the best Amazon Prime Day deals so you can get ready in advance to have a stress free shopping experience on the day. And you don’t even have to leave the house. Remember those days, when you had to go out to buy things? What an awful time.

How to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals:

1. Come back to for the best deals

We’ll be pointing you towards the best Amazon Prime Day deals throughout the event here at TechRadar with our dedicated 20-strong team of deal hunters tracking down the best bargains. 

We’re looking for deals all year round, not just Prime Day and Black Friday, so we’re pretty handy at spotting the genuine bargains over the fake discounts that aren’t worth your time. So feel free to bookmark us if you want to stay up to date with the finest deals.

2. Get Amazon Prime membership beforehand

To get the best Prime Day deals from Amazon you’ll have to be a member of Amazon Prime. Signing up doesn’t take long at all, but considering some of the deals can potentially sell out in minutes, it’s a step you really don’t want to be doing on the day.

Pro tip? If you’ve never signed up before, you can actually sign up for a free 30-day trial right now, which will last right through the sale in mid-July. You can enjoy all the membership benefits straight away too like fast delivery and the excellent Prime Video streaming service. We’ve actually written extensively about the benefits Amazon Prime offers. Here are some links to the free trial in the following countries:  US, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

amazon prime day deals comparison

3. Compare previous prices with CamelCamelCamel

An odd site name for sure, but is a fantastic resource for checking just how good a deal is. Simply copy/paste in the Amazon URL on the site of an item you’re thinking of buying and you’ll see an extensive price history for it on Amazon stretching back over a year. This way you can see if that day’s deal is really the best ever price, or how often it gets a similar discount and how likely it is you’ll see a similar price in a few months’ time.

amazon delivery

4. Remember, you don’t have to buy it

With so much hype around Prime Day deals it’s easy to get swept away by the huge amount of deals and supposed big discounts. So yes, use CamelCamelCamel like we mentioned above, but even if it is the lowest price yet, that doesn’t mean it’s the right deal for you.

If you’ve set aside a budget and you know it’s important to not overspend, try and stick to your guns. Prime Day is not the final sale of the year, hell it’s not even the final sale of the summer, there will be plenty of other fantastic deals and it’s our job to find you the best ones all year round in our Deals section. So while that exact TV might not be available at that price again for a while, you can be sure some nigh-on identical ones will be before the kids go back to school.

amazon prime day deals time running out

5. But don’t wait too long to buy

The best Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day could be gone in matter of minutes, so be sure to check how many have been sold with the information provided on Amazon’s site. Deals of the Day will have an expiry date, but some will sell out long before they reach that time. Game consoles and 4K TVs are especially popular on Prime Day, so if you see a price you like on your lunch break, you’re risking it being gone by the time you get home from work.

best amazon prime day deals

6. Use the desktop version of Amazon if you can

While the Amazon app and mobile sites are pretty reliable most of the time, Prime Day last year saw quite a few buyers struggle to complete purchases with adding items to the basket being as issue.

We’re confident Amazon will be better equipped to deal the huge numbers of traffic this year, but all the same, we’d recommend browsing the deals on a laptop or PC if you can as the desktop version of the site might be a bit more stable.

Amazon delivery

7. Make sure delivery date promises are kept

In the UK many items will be eligible for free next day delivery or two business days in the US and Australia. Now as a Prime member, you’re paying for that delivery promise, well unless you’re on the free trial, then it’s free. 

But if your delivery doesn’t turn up on the day it’s supposed to, then you need to put in a complaint to Amazon. This has happened to us a small number of times over the years and Amazon is keen to make it right. We’ve had an extra month added to our Prime membership for free as an apology and even had the whole cost of some cheap items refunded in full without having to return it. Naturally, if you’re not home when Amazon try to deliver on the original date that’s on you. You’ll find a nice orange slip informing you what to do next though.

other stores amazon prime day deals

8. Don’t forget about the other retailers

While Amazon will be the main focus of course, last year we saw a wide range of rival retailers cash-in by having a sale of their own too. So it’s certainly worth checking to see if they’ve price-matched Amazon or have maybe gone even lower.

And unlike Amazon Prime Day deals, you won’t have to be a ‘member’ at other stores to get the deals. Or if you have a points-card elsewhere, it might be a good opportunity to bag a decent haul. We’ll be keeping an eye on other retailers for you to give you as many options as possible on the day.

France vs Argentina live stream: how to watch today’s World Cup football online

Here we go. The knock-out stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup are here and they kick off with a bang, with France and Argentina locking horns in Kazan at Russia 2018.

Despite the wealth of talent in both squads, it hasn’t been an easy ride for either side so far in Russia. France laboured through their group and will need the likes of Giroud, Griezmann and Mbappe to up the tempo and increase the threat in the final third if they are to go all the way. Given Argentina’s flaky defensive showing so far, it could well be these attacking outlets that prove decisive for the French in this one. 

Argentina’s group stage journey was traumatic, including a draw with Iceland, a heavy defeat against Croatia and fall-outs between coach Jorge Sampaoli and the players. But with Messi off the mark and Ever Banega orchestrating a much-improved performance against Nigeria in their triumphant final group match, the Albiceleste may finally have some momentum.

This is one not to be missed, so that’s why we’re showing you how to live stream France vs Argentina from the 2018 World Cup for free, wherever you are in the world. 

Use a VPN to watch the World Cup 2018 from anywhere for FREE

You don’t have to miss a single minute of World Cup soccer – even if the country where you are isn’t broadcasting certain games. Because every second of action is being shown somewhere (the UK, for example, is televising every game for free – see below), you can simply use a VPN to login to a region that is broadcasting the game. And it’s really easy to do:

How to stream France vs Argentina live in the UK 

How to watch Argentina vs France: US live stream 

How to watch France vs Argentina: Canada live stream 

How to watch France vs Argentina: Australia live stream 

How to watch Argentina vs France: New Zealand live stream 

Exclusive World Cup competition with VyprVPN

Fitbit Ionic 2: what we want to see

The Fitbit Ionic isn’t quite the all singing, all dancing mash-up of fitness tracker and smartwatch you might have been hoping for, as our 3.5-star review shows.

It’s not without its merits though, and there’s a lot of potential for improvement, potential that we hope will be met in the likely Fitbit Ionic 2. 

We’ve already seen the second smartwatch from the company in the form of the Fitbit Versa, but that’s a separate line of products so we’re confident we will one day still see a Fitbit Ionic 2.

With that in mind we’ve created a wish list of the things we want to see, but before that, here’s what we’ve heard and suspect about the Fitbit Ionic 2 so far.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Fitbit’s next flagship smartwatch
  • When is it out? Possibly September 2018, maybe later
  • What will it cost? Maybe around $299.95 / £299.95 / AU$449.95

Fitbit Ionic 2 release date and price

  • May land around September 2018
  • Likely to cost at least $299.95 / £299.95 / AU$449.95

The Fitbit Ionic is a pricey wearable and we suspect the Ionic 2 will be as well

We don’t know for sure that there will even be a Fitbit Ionic 2, but Wareable reports that the company’s CEO, James Park, has confirmed that it plans to launch a range of new smartwatches, and while the Fitbit Ionic 2 wasn’t named it’s likely to be among them.

We’ve already seen the company introduce the Fitbit Versa this year, but it may be we see a new iteration of the Ionic later in 2018. Assuming there is a Fitbit Ionic 2 our only real guess at its launch date so far is potentially around a year after the original Fitbit Ionic, which mean a launch in or around September 2018.

The first watch was announced in August and shown off in September 2017, so it may be IFA 2018 will be when we hear about a new watch. We also anticipate we may hear word of the Fitbit Charge 3 at that show too.

However, Fitbit doesn’t always stick to yearly upgrades. For example, the Fitbit Flex landed in 2013, but the Fitbit Flex 2 didn’t arrive until 2016, and many of the company’s devices haven’t had a direct successor, so we wouldn’t count on seeing the Fitbit Ionic 2 next year.

We can only go by the original Ionic when guessing at the price for now too. That watch launched for $299.95 / £299.95 / AU$449.95, so the Fitbit Ionic 2 may well have a similar price.

Fitbit Ionic 2 news and rumors

There aren’t any Fitbit Ionic 2 rumors yet, but we’ll fill out this section as soon as we hear anything credible.

For now though we can speculate on some things. For example, it’s likely to keep most if not all of the fitness features from the Fitbit Ionic, such as GPS and a heart rate monitor, and to help it rise above its predecessor the Ionic 2 may well build on them, either by adding new health and fitness features or simply improving those which are already there.

On the other hand, the design may well be changed or at least refined, since that’s one of the more divisive aspects of Fitbit’s smartwatch.

What we want to see

We have lots of ideas for the next Ionic, which you’ll find below. Fitbit, are you listening?

1. A more responsive screen

The Fitbit Ionic has a bright screen, but it’s not the most responsive

In our review we found that the Fitbit Ionic’s touchscreen was sometimes slightly slow to respond, which is not what we want or expect from a device that expensive.

It should be smooth and snappy, so we can stay focused on exercise and avoid frustration. Hopefully the Fitbit Ionic 2’s screen will do a better job of this.

2. Smaller bezels

While the Fitbit Ionic is light, comfortable and reasonably premium thanks to its aluminum build, its design is arguably less stylish than most smartwatches.

That’s in large part down to the big bezels around the screen. Shrink them down – and in the process ideally shrink the whole watch down – and the Fitbit Ionic 2 could have a much sleeker, higher-end look.

3. Reliable raise-to-wake

We want raise-to-wake to work first time, every time

As well as sometimes being unresponsive to the touch, the screen on the Fitbit Ionic also doesn’t reliably turn on when using the raise-to-wake gesture.

This could be especially aggravating if you want to check the time or your progress mid-workout, but wherever you are, having to repeatedly flap your arm around to look at your watch isn’t ideal, so we’d like to see this improved for the Fitbit Ionic 2.

4. Support for streaming music

The Fitbit Ionic has 2.5GB of space that can be used to store music, but that’s only enough for around 300 songs, and it limits you to music you actually own.

Since many people have now switched to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music it would be far more convenient if the Fitbit Ionic supported them, but it doesn’t.

In the US there’s at least Pandora support, but Europe currently has no similar options, so we’d like that to change for the Fitbit Ionic 2.

5. More power

The Fitbit Ionic is feature-packed, but sometimes feels lacking in power

Given its size and price you might expect the Fitbit Ionic to be packing a decent amount of power, yet in our review we found it to be slightly sluggish.

At the very least we want its speed to be comparable to competing devices, which when doing things like setting up workouts it’s not, so we want the Fitbit Ionic 2 to get a power injection.

6. Personalized watch faces

The Fitbit Ionic comes with a bunch of watch faces, but what you see is what you get. You can’t add widgets or tweak the faces in any other way, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to most smartwatches.

A software update could presumably sort this, so we might not even have to wait for the Fitbit Ionic 2, but hopefully personalization is added by the time the next model launches – if it’s also made available for the original Ionic then all the better.

7. A better app offering

Smartwatches, like smartphones, are heavily dependent on apps, and the Fitbit Ionic can’t really compete there.

It has an ‘App Gallery’, but the selection of available apps is currently very limited.

Fortunately, this seems to be something the company is working on, as over 1,400 developers have now signed up to make apps for the wearable, so with any luck the app situation will be a lot better by the time the Fitbit Ionic 2 lands.

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Wimbledon live stream: how to watch the tennis free online from anywhere

The showpiece event of the tennis calendar is here, as all eyes turn to SW19 in London for the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. But you don’t need to be at the All England Club to catch the action, as we’re here to show you how you can get a Wimbledon live stream and watch all the tennis online for free, wherever you are in the world. 

On the men’s side of the tournament, defending champion Roger Federer will be the man to beat. He may be 36 years old, but the imperious Swiss is at his best on grass and will be a nightmare to stop if he finds his rhythm. While home favorite Andy Murray is in a fitness race just to compete, Argentine Juan Martin del Potro could emerge as one of the main contenders to cause an upset having already got the better of Federer at Indian Wells this year. And never count out the revitalised World number 1 Rafa Nadal coming off the back of yet another French Open victory.

The women’s side of Wimbledon is looking very hard to predict, making for an exciting fortnight of tennis. 2017 winner and world number three Garbiñe Muguruza should make a challenge but has struggled for consistency so far this season, which may open the door for a second consecutive grand slam for Simona Halep, having just claimed her first major trophy at Roland Garros.

Whatever happens, we’re here to make sure you don’t miss a single serve. Check out the Wimbledon live stream options below, kick back, and watch Wimbledon 2018 for free.

Use a VPN to live stream the tennis at Wimbledon from anywhere for FREE

If you don’t have easy access to watch Wimbledon in your country and want to catch the UK coverage, the best way to watch it for free is to download and install a VPN. That way you can login to a region that is broadcasting the tennis. And it’s really easy to do: 

  • And here’s how to live stream the FIFA World Cup for free too

How to live stream Wimbledon 2018 in the UK for free

How to watch Wimbledon 2018: live stream in the US

How to watch tennis from Wimbledon: Australia stream

The best way to stream Wimbledon 2018 in Canada

The best ways to stream Wimbledon 2018 live in New Zealand for free

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The best Xbox One deals and bundles in June 2018

Xbox One deals and bundles are our kinda thing all year round, so you’re in the best place to find a bargain. We regularly find those retailers that smash huge amounts off the console and bundle it in with the latest games.

It looks like Microsoft is going all out to put pressure on its rivals as the Xbox One is now the cheapest of the current generation of gaming consoles on a regular basis. This week there’s an incredibly strong selection of 1TB Xbox One bundles, from as low as £179.99 with some fantastic games. Could they go even on Amazon Prime Day 2018 though?

Retailers are stocking some super cheap Xbox One deals as standalone purchases and value-packed bundles with extra games. Some bundles often cost less than the standalone consoles too, so be sure to check out our hand-picked list of the best Xbox One offers below the comparison charts. Or maybe you’re looking for a 4K upgrade? Then you’ll want to take a look at the latest Xbox One X bundles.

Looking to buy in the US or Australia? You’ll want to head on over to our US page or AU page.

cheap xbox one s deals

Xbox One deals

The slimmed-down design of the Xbox One S looks much better than the original chunky box and the power brick is now a thing of the past. The main draw though is 4K visual support meaning you’ll be able to watch specialised Blu-Ray and Netflix content in 4K on your new 4K TV. 

The Xbox One S is now the standard console and has replaced the older model that’s been phased out at retailers. The Xbox One S is cheaper too, so in all honesty we’ve generally stopped covering deals on the older model as you’re getting better value with the newer version and we’ve not spotted any decent stock for months now.

The best Xbox One bundle deals

More Xbox One deals

Still not found your ideal Xbox One deal in our highlights of the best offers out there? Why not check out more Xbox One bundles directly from the retailers from our list below?

  • Amazon deals
  • Very deals
  • John Lewis deals
  • Currys deals
  • Argos deals
  • Game deals

The best Xbox One X deals

The new Xbox One X is capable of displaying games in glorious HDR 4K and is the most powerful console ever made. Sadly, it has the price-tag to match too as it’s way more expensive than the Xbox One S. The comparison chart below is mainly full of prices for the new console on its own. However, we’re starting to see better offers appear online where you can get discounted (or sometimes free) games included too. For more details, head on over to our extensive Xbox One X bundles page for the best value deals.

Xbox Live Gold deals

If you’re looking to play your Xbox games online or take advantage of the free Games with Gold initiative, you’ll want to check out our cheap Xbox Live Gold deals page where’s we’ve found prices considerably cheaper than the default RRP.

Best 65-inch 4K TVs 2018: the best big screen TVs for any budget

It’s a great time to buy a new TV – especially something in the 65-inch range. While there might be one or two more surprises in store for 2018, at this point we’re fairly confident we know which TV offers the best value, the best performance, and which are worth paying extra for the quality boost. 

Today we’ll be focusing on 65-inch 4K TVs. While monsters screens might be too big for some homes, they get you the best bang for your buck in terms of TV tech. They are the closest you can get to a cinema at home without buying a projector, or spending outrageous cash on the kind of TV Kanye West might buy.  

So what 65-inch TV should you be looking at buying?

Our favorite TVs right now are LG’s series of OLEDs. They have exceptional black levels and deliver premium HDR in the form of Dolby Vision. The downside is that they’re not the best for brightly lit rooms. If your living room’s ratio of windows to doors is too high, you might want to consider Samsung’s QLED TV series. These are bright and colorful, and pack in technology that helps them cope with overly bright environments. Of course, Sony TVs come with both OLED and LED panels – either of which you can’t go wrong with.

With those ideas bubbling away, let’s look at our favourite 65-inch TVs of the moment. All these sets have been tested and approved by our expert reviewers. 

  • Best shows on Netflix
  • Best movies on Netflix UK

The big question this year for TV buyers with money to spend is QLED or OLED? QLED is Samsung’s LCD-based screen tech, while LG makes not just the panels for its own OLED TVs but the other makers too.

An OLED like the OLED65C8 is hard to beat for a cinema-like environment. This TV actually has much better contrast, and probably colour, than your local cinema screen. 

It uses WebOS software, just about the best smart TV interface out there. 

Cinematic images, smart software and slick design – what more could you want? Samsung’s QLED TVs are much brighter, which does wonders for HDR. And its motion handling is a little better too. However, for the image quality fundamentals of colour and contrast, the LG OLED65C8 still wins. 

This TV is so high up our list for its practicality, though. It costs less than other OLEDs, or Samsung’s top QLED.

Read the full review: LG OLED65C8

The Samsung 65Q9FN deserves bold statements. This is the best LCD TV we’ve ever seen. It might be the best TV to date for some. 

Sure, it may not be perfect but this is the closest you can get to a TV that has it all. Its HDR images are amazing, and its upscaler engine makes content of almost all resolutions look great. 

The Samsung 65Q9FN uses direct LED lighting to avoid the halo’ing seen in older LCD TVs while delivering blacks that, in most conditions, don’t look too far off those of an OLED TV. Even the sound is the best than we’ve heard from a Samsung TV in years. 

In perfect cinema-style conditions you’ll see deeper blacks from an OLED, Sony’s latest TVs have more advanced motion handling and image quality does take a hit at an angle. However, you can’t do any better if you want ultra-bright HDR images as well as great contrast. 

Read the full review: Samsung 65Q9FN


The Panasonic TX65FZ952B is perhaps the classiest OLED TV around. It comes with a clever soundbar, but detach it and the TV looks restrained and minimal. The soundbar also has a mammoth 12 drivers, for audio worth actually listening to. 

Picture quity is fantastic, edging out LG’s models with better handling of shadow areas, which can look a little noisy in the LG sets. Not so here. 

There’s no Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision processing, though, which seems a shame when the audio and visual sides are otherwise so strong. 

The price also needs to be considered. At several hundred dollars or pounds more than the LG C8 or Sony KD-65AF8, you had better appreciate the extra magic Panasonic has put into this TV’s processing and calibration.

Read the full review: Panasonic FZ950/952

The LG OLED65E8 is similar to the LG C8 you’ll find above. But why is it lower on our list? 

This is the premium alternative to the C8. It has a better speaker system and a more impressive-looking “floating” stand design. 

However, underneath the gloss and audio improvements, you get more-or-less the same TV with the same Alpha 9 processor.

The OLED65E8 is a few hundreds dollars/pounds more expensive than the C8, so think carefully about whether the upgrade is worth it. We use a surround sound speaker system with the TV, so the benefits of the improved drivers are minimal. 

Read the full review:  LG OLED65E8 

There are nowadays a handful of choices if you want an OLED TV. Sony, Panasonic and LG all make them, and each offers multiple options. 

In some ways the Sony KD-65AF8 is the best of the lot. Its processing is excellent, making SD and HD look better than the LG competition. This is down to great upscaling algorithms. 

Its motion is excellent too. And when you add that to the vivid colour and flawless contrast of OLED, you’re onto a winner. 

Be prepared for some frustration, though, because the Android TV software is awkward and prone to crashes. It has made us want to snap the remote a few times in the past. 

Like other OLEDs, the Sony KD-65AF8 can’t go as bright as Samsung’s latest QLED TVs either, making HDR look a little less potent. 

Check out the full review: Sony A8F / AF8 OLED

The Sony XBR-65X900F was one of the first 2018 TVs, taking over from 2017’s Sony XBR-65X900E. 

Improvements include greater brightness, which improves HDR performance, and even better motion handling. You won’t find smoother motion handling. 

Image quality is also fantastic, with great black depth and insight. Even SD content looks good. As this is an LCD you don’t quite get the perfect blacks of OLED. But it gets close as LCD can. 

Like previous Sonys, the Sony XBR-65X900F uses Android TV, which can be frustrating at times. However, it does give you access to masses of apps, games and streaming services. Sound quality has improved too, although this TVs speakers won’t, of course, make an action movie’s explosions shake your floorboards.   

In the UK this TV is known as the KD-65XF9005.

Read the full review: Sony BRAVIA XBR-65X900F


Do you have serious money to spend? No other TV makes the visual impact of the B&O BeoVision Eclipse. 

It has a motorised stand that tilts the screen to match your viewing position. And it has an oversize, ultra-loud soundbar built into the frame. The B&O BeoVision Eclipse stands on the floor, not on a TV stand or perched on the wall (wall-mounting is an option, though). 

B&O teamed-up with LG to produce this set. You get roughly the same image quality and the same software as one of LG’s top-performing OLEDs. That means stunning contrast and flawless black levels. Sure, a high-end LCD has higher brightness and more powerful-looking HDR, but the cinematic look of OLED is hard to beat. 

And the price? At $15,595 (£10,795, $19,990) this is the most expensive TV on our list. It’s not for everyone, but is a piece of striking living room furniture as well as one of the best TVs around. 

Read the full review: B&O BeoVision Eclipse


LG 65EC970V

If you have the money to bankroll them, the 65A1E – and the A1E OLED series overall – are crowd pleasers in just about every way. Their ‘picture only’ design has been beautifully realized, managing to be simultaneously subtle and dramatic. Their vibrating screen delivers a far more powerful and effective sound performance than we’d ever thought possible.  

The real stars of the show here, though, are the A1’s exquisitely detailed, contrast-rich and colorful pictures. These prove emphatically what we’ve long suspected: More brands using OLED technology can only lead to good things. 

In 2018 Sony has replaced the A1 with the BRAVIA A8F, but the only real difference is the stand design. If you find this TV at a great price, jump on it.

Read the full review: Sony Bravia OLED A1E


LG 60UF850V

LG’s ‘B’ line of OLEDs has consistently offered a great entry point into the display technology without compromising on what makes it so exciting. 

And the B7 series is no different. 

Contained within the TVs is exactly the same panel and processor that powers the more expensive C7, E7 and yes even the W7 LG televisions, which means an exceptional bump over last year’s OLED panels at a much lower price. 

So where has LG saved the money? In a word, sound. The B7’s downward firing speakers are the worst all the company’s OLED TVs. 

If you already have your own speaker setup, though, the B7 is a fantastic entryway into a piece of TV tech that still feels futuristic in 2018. 

Read the full review of the 55-inch vesion: LG OLED C7 (OLED55C7)


There’s no doubt in our minds – the TCL P6-Series was hands down the best budget TV of last year in the sub-$1,000 price range. It made our Best TVs of 2017 list, as well as our Best 4K TVs of 2017 list, alongside OLEDs from Sony and LG, and QLED TVs from Samsung – all of which cost two, three, four or even five times as much as TCL’s budget-friendly series.

If there was a downside to last year’s models, one that could’ve and should’ve been fixed by year’s end, it was the fact that the TVs were limited to one size – a paltry 55-inch screen. Worse, production couldn’t keep up with the heavy demand once word got out how spectacular those TVs were. 

Thankfully that’s all changed this year and the TCL 6-Series is now available in a gorgeous, affordable 65-inch TV size that not only looks phenomenal, but goes easy on your wallet as well.

Read the full review: TCL 6-Series (R615, R617)

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Oculus Rift sales will continue as $500 million in lawsuit damages cut in half

In early 2017, video game publisher ZeniMax successfully sued Oculus and its founders for $500 million in damages for breach of contract, copyright infringement and trademark infringement. 

ZeniMax then argued that Oculus must cease all sales of the Oculus Rift permanently, since the headsets were built, allegedly, based on stolen code. Oculus appealed both the $500 million figure and the potential sales ban. 

This week, US District Judge Ed Kinkeade denied the ZeniMax’s request, ensuring Oculus and Facebook can continue to develop and distribute Rifts. Bloomberg first reported this news. 

Kinkeade also halved the total damages owed to $250 million, plus $54 million in interest. 

Palmer Luckey

Oculus co-founders Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe had initially been found guilty for “false designation of origin”, meaning they had tricked the public by marketing ZeniMax headsets as Oculus headsets. 

The judge threw this portion of the case out for insufficient evidence. This means that Luckey and Iribe won’t have to pay millions in damages out of pocket. 

In a company statement, ZeniMax said, “Based on a strong evidentiary record, the jury in this case found that ZeniMax’s breakthrough VR technology and its verdict reflected that harm, and expressed disappointment that the damages had been reduced.”

Facebook’s representatives, meanwhile, told Bloomberg that the verdict “was a positive step toward a fair resolution, and we will be appealing the remaining claims.”

A lawsuit to the knee

ZeniMax owns a number of high-profile game development studios: Bethesda (Fallout, Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield), Arkane Studios (Prey, Dishonored), id Software (Doom) and MachineGames (Wolfenstein). 

Skyrim VR

It also has participated in a number of high-profile lawsuits beyond its battle with Oculus. It sued Minecraft developer Mojang in 2012 for making a game called Scrolls. 

Most recently, it sued Warner Bros. over its Westworld game, which ZeniMax claims uses code from its own game, Fallout Shelter

Facebook and ZeniMax appear poised to continue to appeal aspects of Kinkeade’s decision in a higher court. But, for now, Oculus is free to continue its work on the rumored Oculus Rift 2 headset with an extra $250 million in development money.

However, ZeniMax will likely continue to make its most popular franchises exclusive to HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.  

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Kroger will soon be delivering groceries in driverless cars

Formed by two big players behind Google’s self-driving car endeavor, Nuro is preparing to launch a fleet of self-driving delivery vehicles.

And, it’s partnering with Kroger to use that fleet to deliver groceries, The Verge reports.

To start, Nuro will be using simple self-driving vehicles, like its modded Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf cars. 

These are expected to begin making deliveries this fall, but will have human safety drivers on-board, since Nuro doesn’t have as much testing under its belt after only 2 years as a company. Eventually it will switch to a custom fleet of vehicles that look like mini Volkswagen buses.

Just where the service will first operate is still undecided, but customers will be able to manage and track deliveries using a Nuro app or Kroger’s delivery platform.

With thousands of Kroger stores spread over 35 states, the opportunity for Nuro is huge. If the pilot program goes well and Nuro’s fleet of fully autonomous vehicles work as intended, consumers could start seeing self-driving delivery all over the place.

Some things stand in the way though. Nuro still needs to prove its technology. And, before the fully autonomous fleet can hit the roads, the company will need legal authorization which may not always be easy to get (or keep, as Uber’s fatal accident in Arizona has shown.

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Senegal vs Colombia live stream: how to watch today’s World Cup match online

Senegal and Colombia will go head to head in their last match of the World Cup 2018 group stage to see which team will head into the round of 16.

Senegal currently have the edge, on four points over Colombia’s three. But a Colombia win will send them through over Senegal – the latter will then have a nervous wait to see whether the result of the Japan vs Poland game means that they will squeeze into the Russia 2018 knockout rounds.

All eyes will be on Colombia’s James Rodriguez who has been involved in 10 goals (6 goals, 4 assists) with only seven World Cup appearances. If he can get a few in the net on Thursday’s game, Colombia stands a chance of defeating Senegal.

Whether you’re a football fan in Senegal, Colombia or anywhere else in the world, we’ll show you exactly how to live stream the 2018 World Cup for free so that you don’t miss a single game at this year’s tournament. 

Use a VPN to watch the World Cup 2018 from anywhere for FREE

You don’t have to miss a single minute of World Cup soccer – even if the country where you are isn’t broadcasting certain games. Because every second of action is being shown somewhere (the UK, for example, is televising every game for free – see below), you can simply use a VPN to login to a region that is broadcasting the game. And it’s really easy to do:

How to stream Senegal vs Colombia live in the UK 

How to watch Colombia vs Senegal: US live stream

How to watch Senegal vs Colombia: Canada live stream 

How to watch Senegal vs Colombia: Australia live stream 

How to watch Colombia vs Senegal: New Zealand live stream 

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