Web Design Techniques

There are principles and specific components that we should try to find in a design to make sure whether the design and layout of the website will not be unable to take your potential marketplace and the readers the message. Keeping the layout and design of any website clean and simple is very important. Dirty or cluttered design for the layout for your marketing materials on the website is never good. The more improperly managed the website is, the harder it is for your customers to locate things on your website. Therefore, you should never overcrowd the layout of your advertising stuff. After all, it should be kept quite straightforward and clean. Yes, all of us need to meet just as much info as we can into the layout but hey, keep the reason for the layout of the advertising things at heart. You will have to contact a web design OKC firm for a good design, and something that sells.

If you’ve got some corporate colors (like the colors which you use in your logo, letterhead, envelopes…etc), try keeping identical colors in your layout. You should present an extremely simplistic, exceptional, corporate, professional, consistent picture, not a haphazard one. Also, make sure that you do not use a lot of colors on your layout. And for designing advertising stuff, another significant point is to avoid using all the colors of the rainbow in one layout! You’re not attempting to confuse your customers, you’re attempting to allow it to be simple for their sake to locate info, bring them and encourage them to purchase something! For any typical layout to be a good, I’d say using 2 or 3 primary colors out of your corporate color should be fine.

Pictures in your website also tells a lot about the company. Using pictures in the layout of leaflets, flyers, menus, business profiles is recommended. Including pictures of your products in the layout of your advertising items or enticing your customers with useful graphics or diagrams that exemplifies your purpose is highly recommended. Before you go online and try to find stock photos in the internet for your advertising stuff, make sure you do not violate somebody’s rights to the pictures available online.

Innovative Website Design in Oklahoma City

Does style change lives? Well… in brief YES! It is the very first point your visitors may find plus it’s going to either make-or-break their very first impressions of your company immediately. Styles from Website Design OKC is not only about fairly graphics that seem fine, in internet layout a layout that is good is one that works the objects needed. From e-commerce to social press our customers needs to be offered instruments, the appearances and features to participate them. This can enable Bricktown SEO to make a top level layout option to reach it by understanding just what your business plan provides to your own intended audience and exactly how we need them to react then. Rather although we’re able to sit around all-day-long looking forward to our creative juices to flow we gather, contemplate discuss ideas and the goals. We don’t consider in reinventing the wheel but even as we we have studied your market it enables us to get an excellent notion of who we have been, how we will get forward and who we are facing. Our models look not bad to get a cause, alluring, practical and engaging methods. Internet layout that works for the company.

Normally, this is because consideration and awareness of detail goes to internet placement and the business utility of a web job. Our procedure intends to convey your information that is significant toward your visitors even simply join or to create revenue. At Bricktown SEO: advertising service and a website-design we need you the customer understand that we’re operating with you and to feel confident in our procedure each step of the strategy to reach the targets that are most effective potential.

In the bottom up is the most effective strategy to make sure our customers get the website they desire. This means the company may reap the benefits of a renewed on-line existence which is not just well-built and looks not bad, its also 100% unique. Using the most recent in internet methods that are innovative we could shove. At Bricktown SEO we consider that each job that functions helps us develop as a company also. Borders beyond a customers anticipations generally by advanced characteristics and improving functionality which help encourage and to manage articles that functions. Why conceal the most effective options that come with merchandise or an excellent company? Lets get it out there-after all we understand customers and we understand the things that they would like to participate with and by training “good internet layout” we may get great things happen in regards to your own website.

Sensible signal that is defined is in need that is great in terms of website-design that is excellent and most importantly it should be standard size. Online systems at the moment are in web sites and wealth must be reachable at all times. Our web sites get approval process’s that is on-line that guarantee the best quality in terms of functionality. Could it be it be done? YES is the solution to providing strong sites that are visually beautiful and fully operational. Our expertise guarantees the delivery of strong sites from lightweight picture galleries as well as creation as common to weight e-commerce internet apps that are heavy. Our are to ensure that your market on each internet platform sees and heard your website out there. Bricktown SEO style and create spectacular sites giving functionality driven outcomes to you. Through careful planning and innovative communications’ we link you and your clients. Customized Content-Management Systems

Because we realize that having complete control above an internet site is strength. Content Management System (content-management techniques) come in a variety of shapes and sizes-these times from heavyweight open-source methods to light variations all with complete performance. Bricktown SEO: advertising service and a website-design additionally specializes in custom built CMS techniques giving just the features you’ll need to you, this can be most importantly and perfect for operation, quicker loading times really user friendly.

We love going together with the the changing times because we understand your web site must be scalable as your company. In producing web sites which can be created to survive, we exercise and that enable whenever the demand is there, updating potential. Your web site may be observable accessible and working across all systems constantly appearing visually pleasant for your intended audience and using the the most recent technologies.

Tokenization for All Kinds of Devices

Tokenization may be can be explained as as little package of information that will be passed along or or about a PC system to control-which computers change it it will be to transfer. This can be an organized predicable type of accessibility. Tokenization may be can be explained as little package of information that will be passed along or about a PC system to control which computers change it will be to transfer. This can be an organized predicable type of access-control, contrary to CD. Tokens are found amongst the others, in token-ring and FDDI systems. The function of precedence, computer screen, tokenization vendors & booking in the access-control parts-

Precedence and booking: Typically, when a symbol is introduced, the following stop in the band as well as info to move gets the ability to support the the band. However, in IEEE 802.5 version, one more choice is also likely. A stop that’s waiting to distribute in revenge of of the place of the stop in the band is not unable to save the symbol that is energetic. Every stop and each contains a signal of precedence. As the framework moves via a stop and waiting to distribute may save the following available keepsake through inputting its signal of precedence in the A-C (access-control) area of the keepsake or the information body. The stop with greater problem re-instate it by a unique and might remove a booking of precedence that is lesser. Among additional channels of equal priority, the process is the 1 st. Through this process the opportunity when the symbol becomes free to air promptly is acquired by the stop maintaining the booking; it comes later actually on the band.

Computer Screen: a few issues may happen to touch the procedure for the system of token ring. In a single scenario, a stop may possibly don’t air again otherwise or a symbol a symbol may possibly ruined by the sound, in that circumstance there may no expression in the band also info might not be sent by any station. In additional scenario when its flip finishes, a stop may possibly don’t get rid of its utilization of information body from band that is special or may not dispatch this expression. Tokenization is a means whereby information accident may be confined in a manner that is complete.

When the symbol gets forward the computer screen repairs timer each time. In the event the special symbol doesn’t re-appears in the moment that is given then it’s likely to be mislaid also the computer screen generates a brand new expression and starts it in to that band. The computer screen that is particular pads against constantly re- through establishing A-C area for every single body, moving information structures. When frame impasses, the computer screen checks when the position that has been establish it understands the unique box has currently around that band and have to be lost and position area. A symbol then destroys areas along with the special frame in the band. In the event the computer screen that is specific fails a 2 stop is selected as backup gets control.

Value of Tokenization: Token ring method is extremely valuable when a-ring system is being used by any business where each of the nodes of system are connected in this way that node is attached to to last one so that form a ring-shaped construction. A frame that will be called symbol is created in the band that will be taken by the node which needs so the nodes become filled to deliver information. When one node limits the expression subsequently information can not be sent by any additional node as information may be transmitted as well as expression just.

On Virgin Media? Now you can upgrade to the new 4K V6 box free of charge

Virgin Media’s V6 set-top box is a great upgrade for anyone who’s sick and tired of the sluggish interface of their old TiVo box, but until now you’ve been forced to pay a £20 activation fee to get the new hardware. 

Today, the company has announced it’s scrapping this fee, meaning there’s now no reason not to upgrade your set-top box. Virgin says that the vast majority of its customers will be able to self-install, and that you won’t have to re-contract as part of the process. 

The new box offers access to 4K content via Netflix and YouTube, and also has seven tuners, allowing you to record up to six channels while watching a seventh. Virgin claims around 25% of its customers have already made the upgrade. 

Should you upgrade?

We gave the V6 the full TechRadar review experience back in October and we found it to be a bit of a mixed bag. 

It’s definitely a big step up from the company’s previous set top box, which was hampered by a sluggish interface that made navigation a chore, but it isn’t quite the step forward that Sky’s competing Sky Q service is. 

While Sky has been building out its live Ultra HD sports coverage with football, F1 and cricket now offered in the new resolution, Virgin Media’s is restricted to pre-recorded content from third-party services like Netflix and YouTube. 

As a result, you shouldn’t expect the new V6 box to deliver the ultimate 4K revolution to your living room, but it’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade for anyone still using the old box thanks to the interface improvements. 

  • Find our full thoughts in our Virgin TV V6 TiVo box review

Best RAM 2018: the top memory for your PC

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap and effective way to increase your PC’s performance, you might want to consider upgrading, replacing, or downloading more RAM. When you’re out looking for the best RAM, there are some things you need to consider. Things like speed, capacity and whether or not you need to overclock are all extremely important factors in deciding the right DIMM kit for your own needs. 

However, the first thing you’ll notice when you search for ‘RAM’ on Amazon or Newegg is the stunning range of different varieties out there. It can be a little bit intimidating, but don’t worry, because we here at TechRadar have your back – we’ve created this guide to help you find the best RAM for your personal needs. Whether you’re looking to get the most performance for your gaming PC, or even if you’re just looking to add some RAM to your MacBook, This list will help you find the best RAM you can buy today.

Best RAM: Corsair Vengeance LED

Some of the best overall RAM on the market comes from Corsair. Their Vengeance series has something for everyone with its LED DDR4 offerings topping our list. On top of giving PC builders that extra touch of vibrancy lighting brings, the Corsair Vengeance LED series’ built-in heat spreaders maximize cooling for higher overclocking and maximum performance. Corsair’s Vengeance LED DDR4 series offers CL16 latency and 3,466 MHz speeds and color coordinated computing.

Best DDR4 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series

When looking for high-speed, quality DDR4 for your rig, look no further than the G.Skill Ripjaws V Series. G.Skill has designed its flagship memory for reliability, low-voltage drain and easy XMP 2.0 overclocking for in-depth users.  With a CL14 to CL19 latency and speeds between 2,133MHz and 4,000MHz, it’s quick. While the Ripjaws V Series isn’t an RGB RAM set, it does come in five colors: Blazing Red, Steel Blue, Classic Black, Radiant Silver and Gunmetal Gray.

Best DDR3 RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator

Kingston’s high-performance HyperX has some of the best DDR3 RAM on the market and the Predator models is particularly tuned for  and extreme-performance that’s further expandable with XMP profiles. The Predator DDR3 series achieves CL9 to CL11 latencies and speeds between 1866MHz to 2666MHz.

  • This product is only available in the US at the time of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Kingston HyperX Fury 

Best Budget RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 

The Kingston HyperX Fury is auto-overclocked memory that won’t empty your wallet. This smart DDR3 or DDR4 RAM auto-detects system components to overclock to the highest speeds possible, optimizing performance for all of Intel’s latest chipsets. It comes with latencies between CL14 and CL16, and has speeds between 2,133MHz and 2,666MHz. While it costs little, it can have a huge impact on the performance of your rig. 

Best High-end RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum

Corsair’s Dominator Platinum is the best type of RAM for high-intensity tasks – and those who need chrome heat spreaders for maximum performance. Massive heatsinks and optional fans on your memory might seem absurd, but they’re absolutely necessary for C19 memory operating up to 4,000MHz. On the low-end, Corsair also offers a low-latency C14 version of the Dominator Platinum operating at 2,400MHz.

Best Gaming RAM: Team T-Force Night Hawk

When looking for the best possible specs for gaming, then look no further than the Team T-Force Night Hawk DDR4 RAM. It comes with CL15 or CL16 latencies, and between 2,666MHz and 3,200MHz frequencies so no matter which kit you get, it’ll run at peak performance. It’s also available in a full-spectrum RGB model for users who need personalization and gaming aura.

Best RGB RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB

G.Skill has given the Trident Z RGB series great performance and the ultimate lighting setup for personalization. The top of each memory stick features a full-spectrum rainbow wave light bar that you can use to match your RGB lighting across all your components. Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM comes with CAS Latencies between 14 and 19, and between 2,400MHz and 4,266MHz. No matter what your style, the best full-spectrum RAM is definitely the G.Skill Trident Z RGB.

Best Low-Profile RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX

RAM in the LPX series of Corsair Vengeance memory is made for users who want the maximum performance with minimum size. This  low-profile RAM is essential for PC builds with massive CPU coolers. Despite being so short, they also feature an eight-layer heat spreader to cool while overclocking. And while it’s thin design doesn’t allow for LEDs, you can get it in three colors: black, red or blue. Corsair’s Vengeance LPX DDR4 series clocks in with CL12 to CL19 latencies and between 2,400MHz and 4,600MHz.

Best Mac RAM: G.Skill Mac RAM

Just like their dedication to laptop and desktop RAM, G.Skill has RAM upgrades for Macs, too. Adding more memory on the Apple Store is needlessly expensive, so going with a third-party kit can help you save a ton of money – assuming that your machine is one the last remaining MacBooks or iMacs that are still upgradable. These SO-DIMM have a CAS latency between 9 and 11 and have between 1,333MHz and 1,600MHz. The best bang for the buck seems to be the G.Skill DDR3-1333 for Mac.

Best Laptop RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport

Crucial is the go-to replacement RAM for laptop systems. They’ve designed their Crucial Ballistix Sport SODIMMs for efficient battery life in mind while still delivering good speeds for multi-tasking.  It’s perfect for those wanting a little more out of their laptop, and this memory will likely offers higher performance speeds than anything coming stock in your laptop., with a latency of CL16 and speeds between 2,300MHz and 2,666MHz.

Best computer speakers 2018: the best audio systems for your PC

There are plenty of people out there who will spend all day insisting that the best headphones are the ideal solution when it comes to PC audio. However, there are people who don’t really want to wear headphones all day long. Plus, sometimes you just have to turn up the volume and jam out – that’s where the best computer speakers come in. Just keep in mind that, as with any computer hardware, finding the best computer speakers for your specific needs is more of an art than a science. When you go out looking for the best set you can find, there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind, from simple things like price and style, to more technical details. 

How do they sound? Does the stereo or surround sound have decent separation? Do they start to get annoying after a few minutes? Is the sound profile balanced? All of these things will make or break a set of computer speakers, and you should keep them all in the back of your mind when you’re out shopping. Plus, you need to think about what you’re going to be doing with your speakers, whether you’re playing games, or just listening to music. At the end of the day, if you have one of the best PCs, you need to put some thought into getting the best computer speakers.

You’re not in this alone, however. We here on the TechRadar editorial team have created this list of the best computer speakers that we have tested or reviewed over the last year or so. So, sit down, put on some music and enjoy.

Even if Audioengine’s A2+ came out four years ago, they’re still one of the best sets of speakers on the market. These aesthetically pleasing speakers are compatible with digital audio from your PCs USB port for uncompressed audio and unparalleled audio fidelity through its built in DAC. This winning combination means these speakers feature the highest sound quality in their class with amazing clarity and thumping bass.

When you realize that these small six-inch speakers don’t come with a sub, you start to learn that they really have a lot of bang for the buck. Be warned though, you might need to invest in a subwoofer for really low bass, or heavy bass sound at higher volumes. Luckily, they do come with an RCA output, so connecting one is a breeze. And, for just a few more dollars, you can pick up a pair of stands for even better audio.

Logitech’s higher end speaker system, Z623, might be a little more than what you’d expect pay for the brand’s speakers. But considering that it’s still very much affordable, you’re getting fantastic audio performance as well as a powerful subwoofer, so these are actually a steal.

The pair delivers great mids and highs, though it’s a little bass heavy, which might be a plus to some people. Its subwoofer produces a thundering sound that can be easily dialed up or down depending on your need and preference. And it offers a great soundstage for a more immersive gaming and movie watching experience right on your desktop.

While slightly large and a little expensive for a pair of computer speakers, Aperion’s classic-looking Allaire is packed with pros that justify its price. These babies produce controlled, rich bass; a full, balanced sound; and great, non-harsh high end. They’re equipped with an optical input, which allows you to connect to not just your PC but also other devices like Blu-ray players and game consoles. This input also delivers a slightly better sound quality than a USB—though it’s worth noting that you might not notice the difference.

This pair doesn’t come with a subwoofer, but it does come with a sub output. Other extras include a USB charging port, an aluminum remote control, and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • This product is only available in the US as of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Audioengine A2+. 

Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero boasts the powerful, beautifully refined sound of a big speaker packed in a mid-size package all thanks to its high-quality drivers. Though it comes in a boxy, plain aesthetic, this pair delivers great clarity with more presence in the lower mid tones  as well as a lot of smooth high-end range so the sound is brighter but not harsh.

They also offer great sound imaging for an immersive experience and an extended base range. Last but not least, they’ve got a great selection of inputs – optical, USB, analog, and Bluetooth, making them extremely versatile. These are not cheap, but if you’ve got the funds, they’re certainly worth the investment.

  • This product is only available in the US as of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Audioengine A2+.  

If you stare at it long enough, the Soundsticks III might start to look like some kind of glowing alien jellyfish. These translucent babies, designed by Harman, seem more like a set of modern art installation than a functional speaker system until you step back and let it do its thing.  This speakers and bass combo boasts extra bass power thanks to its subwoofer while still producing crisp highs so you’re getting excellent sound at only $170, making it ideal for music fans with a mid-range budget.

Keep in mind its few minor cons however—it doesn’t have a headphone jack, its bass volume control is not accessible, and the LED lights cannot be turned off.

Sure, the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse can be a bit bass-heavy, but these gorgeous Bluetooth speakers produce a surprisingly excellent sound for something that looks like it must have stepped straight out of Wall-E with its gimmicky space age design. The Luna, which comes in red, white, and black, offers a powerful but controlled bass, great balance with slightly pronounced mids, and good stereo separation. Using DSP and DRP technologies, the pair delivers excellent quality with minimal distortion even at louder volumes.

Its other perks include touch sensitive controls and a fancy little remote. Purchase its stands for an even better sound quality and the Jetsons look, if you’re into that.

These Logitech speakers are a thing of beauty with their elegantly eccentric circular design and silver accents. And at $99 a pop, they certainly deliver a little more than what you’d look for in speakers. Before we talk about MX Sound’s pros however, let’s discuss its important con – while the brand is proudly advertising an extended bass range, thanks to its unique, rear-facing port tubes, the bass can sometimes overpower the mids and highs, making the audio a bit muddy.

That said, it does deliver an excellent soundstage and powerful audio, which makes it great for gaming. It’s got a few cutting edge aces up its sleeves as well: the dual Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect two devices simultaneously, and the backlit motion sensor controls so a light touch is all it takes to connect a device and adjust the volume.

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker system promises enchanced sound for versatile use so that whether you’re watching movies, gaming, or listening to music, you’re in for a great experience. And it does. These THX-certified speakers boast power, a wide frequency range (31 Hz to 20kHz), and a detailed audio quality with punchy bass, maximum clarity, and great balance. It’s powerful enough to replicate that home theater quality. 

That’s a lot punch for $160, even if it means having to tolerate the fact that the sub stops at 31 Hz so there’s no low end rumble.

  • This product is only available in the US at the time of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Logitech Z623 

Dell’s AE715 may not be the most powerful speaker in the market. It produces a decent 360-degree sound that, while is fairly common in portable audio, is a rarity with computer speakers. For it’s low, low price, this Bluetooth speaker is nothing amazing; not a lot of bass and there’s a bit of delay, but the audio quality good enough if your listening standards aren’t quite as demanding. 

However, what you’re getting in exchange are its wireless functionality, the USB charging port so you can charge the device, and the built-in mic so you can use it for conference calls. It’s definitely a great portable, wireless solution.

  • This product is only available in the US as of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Jabra SPEAK 510.    

Mackie CR4BT promises professional-grade performance, which is a lot more than what its competitors offer. The question is, does it really do that? Well, they sound good for a premium pair of speakers, but there are drawbacks including thinner mid range, and high bass cut off at 70 Hz, which means while there’s good bass presence, you might be missing the really low stuff.

The pros, however, include the acoustic foam pads to isolate the speakers from the surface it’s standing on, and the front auxiliary input. Overall, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill computer speakers. They are useful for multimedia creation and production as well.

  • This product is only available in the US and UK as of this writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Logitech MX Sound.     

Top Tech Conferences: The Ultimate B2B tech events and show guide for 2018

For information about adding your event to this list and featured listing opportunities please contact mike.moore@futurenet.com.

Love it or loathe it, events and conferences are often where wheelers and dealers in the world of technology meet to decide on the future of the industry.

Ironically, technology itself has accelerate the demise of some massive tech events (like Comdex) but the remaining ones are more focused, alive and bustling than ever before.

Techradar Pro and ITProPortal have joined forces with the tech B2B PR industry to curate a list of national and international technology events, conferences and happenings, focusing on B2B.

BETT 2018

January 24th-27th, London

Bett is the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape, bringing together the global education community to celebrate, find inspiration and discuss the future of education, as well as the role technology and innovation plays in enabling all educators and learners to thrive.

Why attend? Over 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new edtech start ups and over 34,700 attendees (131 countries represented) will all be present.

The AI Congress

January 30th-31st, London

AI Congress 2018 will bring together hundreds of leading enterprises, thought leaders and investors from across the globe to look at how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is changing society and the foundations of how we do business. 

Why attend? Over 100+ speakers will discuss real life examples of how they are adopting and preparing for the changes brought by AI.

Vibrant Digital Future Summit

January 31st, Business Design Centre, London

The conference for business leaders, innovators and governments developing a brighter digital future in our rapidly changing world –  this event aims to provide deep insights into today’s cutting edge tech trends (particularly AI, IoT and cyber security) impacting business and society over the next few years through a series of expert keynotes and interactive panel discussions. 

Why attend? Hear from experts on how tech such as AI, IoT, TVWS and much more will transform lives sooner than you think.

DeveloperWeek 2018

February 3rd-7th, San Francisco

DeveloperWeek, the world’s largest DevTech innovation festival, will be returning to the San Francisco Bay area February 3-8, 2018 for its 7th annual gathering of 8,000+ developers and dev execs from around the world.  

Why attend?  Conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like HTML 5, Python, Javascript, Robotics Dev, Data Science and Machine Learning. 

Mobile World Congress 2018

February 26th – March 1st, Barcelona

The world’s biggest mobile trade show marks another year in Barcelona with a stellar line-up of speakers and exhibitors.

Why attend? Over 2,300 exhibitors will gather in Barcelona to showcase the newest technologies and most innovative products available. Take your place among the companies that are shaping the connected future.

CyberThreat 2018

February 27th-28th, London QE2 Conference Centre

CyberThreat 2018 is a new event hosted by SANS Institute and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), designed to bring together the UK and Europe’s technical cyber security community. Focused on practitioners and spanning the full breadth of cyber defence and incident response disciplines, the event encourages sharing of bleeding edge techniques, case studies from the field and new tools. 

Why attend? In addition to talks from world-renowned cyber security practitioners, and rising industry stars, CyberThreat 2018 also features plenty of hands-on opportunities for delegates in the form of capture the flag events, team problem solving and hackathons against some of the latest devices and products. 

Open Source Leadership Summit

March 6th-8th, Sonoma Valley, California

Open Source Leadership Summit is coming to Sonoma Valley, March 6-8, 2018. Where open source leaders convene to drive digital transformation and learn how to collaboratively manage the largest shared technology investment of our time. 

Why attend? The Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit is the premier forum where these leaders convene to drive digital transformation with open source technologies and learn how to collaboratively manage the largest shared technology investment of our time. 

ELC + OpenIoT Summit

March 12th-14th, Portland

The Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products. For the past 13 years, ELC has had the largest collection of sessions dedicated exclusively to embedded Linux and embedded Linux developers.

Why attend?  OpenIoT Summit delivers the technical knowledge you need to deliver smart connected products and solutions that take advantage of the rapid evolution of IoT technologies. It is the only IoT event focused on the development of open IoT solutions. 

IFGS 2018

March 18th-20th, London Guildhall

FinTech is taking over London in 2018 as the Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) convenes for two days on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of March, at the Guildhall and across the City’s Square Mile.

Why attend? Taking inspiration from the expansion of FinTech globally, the summit will welcome the world’s leading lights, from innovators, institutions and investors to policy makers, regulators and international trade bodies.

CSW Arctic/Europe 2018

March 20th-24th, Sweden

This conference will bring the latest developments in crowdsourcing to centre stage, focusing around trending topics such as Finance, ICO’s & Green Bonds, Energy & Sustainability, Innovation & CrowdGaming, and Agriculture & Farming in the Sharing Economy.

Why attend? European and other international business leaders and changemakers will gather in Luleå & Vuollerim during the 5-day conference to share how crowdsourcing is shaping their industries and is transforming organisations today

Women of Silicon Valley

March 21st-22nd, San Francisco

Join 800+ tech leaders and professionals from the biggest names and hottest startups to learn from industry pioneers and boost your skills! Speakers include Arianna Huffington, Estée Lauder, Amazon, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Google, Sony Playstation, Facebook & many more! 

 Why attend? Be inspired by industry leaders, join a vibrant and talented community, grow your professional and personal skills.

CeBIT 2018

March 20th-24th, Hannover, Germany

CeBIT is THE platform for experts and top decision-makers from all areas of digital business along the B2B value chain. The global market is present here – make sure you are, too! CeBIT is one of the world’s most important investment platforms for digital business processes. No other place can boast as many IT decision-makers and managers at the same time – or with such a strong focus on SMEs.

Why attend? The largest event for IT Decision Makers

Open Networking Summit

March 26th-29th, Los Angeles

ONS brings together business and technical leaders across enterprise, cloud and service providers to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of open networking and orchestration. 

Why attend?  ONS is the best forum for companies to strengthen their brand, establish thought leadership, connect with both end customers and partners, showcase innovative products and drive the transformation in the emerging open source networking industry. 


May 22nd-23rd, Gdansk, Poland

infoShare is where you can share your story and make your ideas happen. Here you will find knowledge and inspiration, form meaningful relations and create a truly innovative technological society.

Why attend? The biggest technology conference in central eastern Europe brings together thought leaders in the IT industry with a packed programme of speakers and sessions.

Diversity in Technology 2018

May 24th, London

Join the UK’s very first conference to have a holistic discussion about how we can increase diversity and equal opportunity in the fastest growing sector of our economy. Take a deep dive into the fundamentals of attracting, hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent. 

Why attend? Be part of the global movement committed to changing the diversity landscape in tech and make sure that you are reaping the rewards of advancing inclusion and driving workforce evolution.

AI Summit London

June 12th-14th, London

Now in its 3rd year, The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations, the actual solutions that are transforming business productivity. The AI Summit aims to help the business leader, data scientist, engineer successful implementing their AI projects.

Why attend? Join 10,000+ visitors, 3000+ delegates, 300+ speakers at The AI Summit London and secure your place at the front-end of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Open Source Summit Japan & Automotive Linux Summit 

June 20th-22nd, Tokyo

Automotive Linux Summit connects the developer community driving the innovation in automotive Linux together with the vendors and users providing and using the code in order to drive the future of embedded devices in the automotive arena.  

Why attend? The leading conference for technologists and open source industry leaders to collaborate and share information, learn about the latest in open source technologies and find out how to gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions.

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018

June 26th-27th, London

Join 3000 tech leaders and professionals at the UK’s vibrant centrepiece for women in tech. Speakers include Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho CBE, Baroness Joanna Shields, Microsoft, Monzo Bank, Facebook, GoCompare.com, eBay & many more!

Why attend? Hear from the best speakers in the industry, enhance your entire skills portfolio and celebrate gender diversity in the world’s fastest growing industry.

LinuxCon China

June 26th-28th, Beijing

At LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen, attendees will collaborate, share information and learn about the newest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud technologies, networking, microservices and more; in addition to gaining insight into how to navigate and lead in the open source community.

Why attend?  Three conferences in one, this event is a technical conference for developers, operations experts (architects, sys admins, devops), business, compliance and legal leadership and other professionals to come together in an informal setting to learn from open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with peers, and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions. 

Open Source Summit North America

August 29th-31st, Vancouver

Open Source Summit is the premier open source technical conference in North America, gathering 2,000+ developers, operators and community leadership professionals to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

Why attend?  Four events in one, Open Source Summit is a technical conference where 2,000+ developers, operators, and community leadership professionals convene to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

Open Networking Summit EU

September 25-27th, Amsterdam

ONS Europe brings together business and technical leaders across enterprise, cloud and service providers to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of open networking and orchestration.

Why attend?  ONS is the largest and most inclusive Open Networking & Orchestration event in the world, bigger and better than ever before.

Open Source Summit Europe

October 22nd-24th, Edinburgh

Open Source Summit is the premier open source technical conference in Europe, gathering 2,000+ developers, operators and community leadership professionals to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

Why attend?  Four events in one, Open Source Summit is a technical conference where 2,000+ developers, operators, and community leadership professionals convene to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

CES 2019

January 8th- 11th 2019, Las Vegas, USA

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

Why attend? More than 3800 of the biggest tech firms exhibiting.

Best cycling tech 2018: our pick of gadgets to use on your bike

Taking out a bank loan to buy a bike made of more carbon than seems possible is one way to make yourself faster, sure. But you don’t need to get the best bike on the road and worry about saving precious grams in weight when you could spend less, load up on tech, and actually get better results.

Wearables are coming on leaps and bounds as the tech in them becomes smaller, more affordable and smarter. This tracking gadgetry is what cycling hard is all about. By capturing metrics like speed, cadence, distance, heart rate and more you can fine-tune your training to get the most out of every leg press and pull.

From heart rate monitors that help you train in zones to hit specific targets to power meters that help you get the perfect spin for speed without the effort – this is the kit that’ll make your ride better.

Zwift is the best way to stay at home but still get your ride done in a group or solo. While Zwift is an app (for iOS, Windows and Mac) it also comes with 0% finance options for those that need a bike or turbo trainer for at home.

Hook all that up and you can take a ride in virtual worlds with 100km of varying roads all with beautiful backdrops. But it’s the social side of training that really helps.

Once you enter the virtual world of Zwift you’re surrounded by other cyclists with their names and country flags displayed above them on screen. You can organize group ride-outs, meet new riders or just pick a race with someone that you’ve been slipstreaming for a while.

This is great for pushing your limits without it requiring lots of will power – you don’t even need to pluck up the courage to go outside. There are even workouts built with World Tour coaches that you can take on with virtual climbs, recreations of real-world stretches of race roads, plus virtual volcanoes in the backdrop. Dramatic much.

The Garmin Edge 1030 is the best that Garmin has to offer cyclists. You get all the usual data from the likes of speed and distance but also connected sensor info for heart rate, cadence and beyond. But it’s the screen that brings all of this to life.

The 3.5-inch color touchscreen is super clear and takes up most of the device’s face. This is great for lots of data on one screen but also works well for navigation. Garmin’s turn-by-turn navigation is great when using its Trendline tech which shows you the best cycle routes as ridden by other Garmin users.

This also has Garmin’s smarts to alert you if a particularly sharp turn is coming up, ideal for night rides. And there’s Strava integration to help keep you competitive and turn even boring roads into challenging sprints.

This beast will keep going with GPS on for 20 hours, but also offers an expansion battery which will double that for a 40 hour ride. Perfect if you’re planning a long tour with no-power camping in between days.

Another great addition for groups is the ability to send pre-written messages to other riders in the group. Of course you also get smartphone notifications to read messages outside of the peloton. That said, the accompanying smartphone app can get a little messy with data, but even that’s something you learn to organize with use.

Power meters are usually a tough bit of kit to install, but the P1 Pedals change that with a simple installation that fits any crank. This means that anyone can get them on in no time but crucially they can also be moved between bikes easily too.

The PowerTap P1 Pedals aren’t cheap but then for that money you get the ease of installation while still enjoying watt power data from both pedals. There is also the option to save money by going for just one pedal with the data doubled to virtually feedback overall power – accurate if both legs are identical.

The negative here, aside from price, is weight for those that like to keep their setup super light. The pedals weigh in at 429g for the pair and also reduce ground clearance, so expect some scuffs if you corner fast.

The AAA battery life is impressive though at up to 100 hours, but you’ll need to check the flashing light on the pedal to see if you’re running low.

Read your data on a connected cycle computer, or in some cases smartwatch, for true power so you can enhance technique for the ultimate ride.

Strap a cycling computer to your face and enjoy data on a heads-up style display. What’s not to love, right?

This does sound like the future, as it places a color screen on your glasses so you can read data like speed, cadence, heart rate and pace (using the right extra sensors) and even mapping directions without looking away from the road ahead.

The Varia Vision can also be paired with the Varia Rearview Radar to detect vehicles approaching from behind. However, the Varia Vision only works with compatible Garmin devices including Edge computers and Fenix smartwatches.

If you’ve already got Garmin kit then this is a great way to put all that information on your face. Of course if you’ve spent money on a cycle computer or smartwatch then this extra cost might be a bit much, but if cycle safety is important it’s money well spent to keep focus on the road.

This should also make navigation easier, with prompts for turns shown on screen. Plus there’s an eight hour battery, water resistance and it only weighs 28g.

There are cycle helmets and then there is the Lumos Helmet, which is like something from the future. This is the ultimate cycle safety device that also enhances your ride. The helmet crams in LED lights to make you super visible and even clarify your movements to other road users.

The Lumos Helmet features 38 bright LEDs in the back and 10 in the front. This is ideal for visibility but also means your lights are on your helmet so in the daytime you don’t need to worry about removing lights when you lock-up your bike, or if you’re going for a super light speed ride.

Indicator lights are also built into the Lumos Helmet. Connect a wireless controller to your handlebars and a simple finger tap will light the helmet so other road users can see you’re going to turn. It’s less effort than a hand signal and far more visible too.

As if all that wasn’t cool enough the Lumos Helmet also detects braking and will light the rear brake lights bright so others can see that you’re slowing.

All that will keep going for up to six hours in flashing mode or three in solid light and takes two hours to charge via micro USB. That battery life can be checked via the smartphone app, which also lets you check how you’re riding and update the helmet for new future features. All that and it’s waterproof and crash tested too.

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Welcome to TechRadar’s Fitness Week: the ultimate guide to improving your health

Our inaugural Fitness Week has just kicked off on TechRadar where we aim to show you the best tech you should be using to keep fit in 2018 and what the major trends are that will take over the space this year.

We’ve got lots of exciting stuff planned throughout the week, so head back here each day until Sunday to see us everything we’re publishing throughout the week.

Expect fitness diaries using basic trackers to top-end running watches, interviews with some of the biggest health companies on the planet and forward looking features on how we expect tech to progress.

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No matter what your level, we have you covered. We’re tackling different sports and activities each day including running, swimming, cycling as well as high intensity interval training and gym workouts.

We’ve just shared our diaries for day two, where our writers took on High Intensity Interval Training.

The Big Interview

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Expect even more interviews over the next week with some other big names in the fitness tech space.

Other features

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Get a free Samsung tablet or £50 Mastercard with Sky broadband deals

Spent the weekend looking through broadband deals, but can’t quite decide which company to go for? Well Sky broadband is throwing in the perks to try and persuade you to make it your internet provider of choice.

Sign up for a Sky broadband deal now and you get to choose between a free Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet with an RRP of £139, or a pre-paid £50 Mastercard that you can spend in shops or online.

Head to the Sky broadband website to sign up

That’s all very well, but it’s only worth signing up if Sky broadband is a good price in the first place. And we’re glad to report that it’s currently among the very cheapest broadband providers on the market – only £18 per month and £9.95 upfront for standard ADSL.

Sky’s cheap broadband only deal:

Sky fibre broadband price – and the best alternatives

How do I claim my Sky broadband reward?

Once you’ve made your mind up whether you want the tablet or the cash, you have to claim your gift from sky.com/claim within 90 days of your new internet service being activated (with only one perk available per household). 

If you decide to go for the reward card, it can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted, except for gambling, cash withdrawals, currency, cashback or at petrol stations. And be sure to use it within 12 months of the card being printed, otherwise it will be deactivated.

Sky says that availability of the Mastercard and tablet are subject to stock, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Existing Sky broadband customers

If you’re a current Sky customer, unfortunately this offer doesn’t apply to you. Similarly, you’re not permitted to claim this cheap introductory price if you’ve had Sky before. This fantastic offer is only for customers that are new to the provider.

Best broadband deals

With TechRadar’s price comparison tool you can compare and contrast all of the best deals available on the market right now. Head to our best broadband deals page, pop in your postcode, filter your requirements and we’ll spit out the best deals on the market specifically for you.

Apple’s HomePod will come with a mute function… to the surprise of no one

By their very nature smart speakers need to constantly listen to you, but having a machine directly linked to a major corporation when it could be harvesting private information feels like an invasion of privacy.

All of the major manufacturers of smart speakers claim that you aren’t really being listened to, not in the way that everyone seems to fear, but to assuage these fears, there are mute functions for the microphones in many smart speakers, and now we seem to have confirmation that Apple’s upcoming HomePod will also have the ability to mute its mics.

The reveal comes from a Twitter user called Filipe Espósito, who describes himself as an “Apple specialist and soon-to-be professional journalist”. While digging around in the image assets accompanying iOS 11.2.5, Espósito found a number of icons that point towards different “scenes” the alter the functionality of the HomePod, including mute functions.

Siri, what do these pictures mean?

At the moment the exact meaning behind these images is a matter of speculation, but since mute icon is a fairly universal symbol it’s a safe bet that this is what it does. Obviously it could mean a mute of the speakers rather than the mic, but Espósito does mention the ability to disable Siri.

It’s not yet clear whether this mute functionality is hardware or software based. The Amazon Echo’s mute button is a hardware switch, which means that a hacker could never un-mute the speaker using a software exploit. This is an important security feature of the speaker. 

In a further comment, he also confirms that he’s found some data strings that point towards multiple accounts for voice.

Apple’s HomePod was originally supposed to see a December 2017 release, but it was pushed back and we’re now expecting to see it hit shelves in the next few weeks, with a supplier suggesting it could ship in February.

Aside from the mute icon, the meaning behind the other images are a little harder to discern. There are some obvious ones, like the HomePod, mute icon and lamp, which we’d assume is some kind of ‘shut up I’m working’ function. More obscure are the image of a single fried egg and box of popcorn which we’re wondering if Apple put in there just because they knew this exact thing was going to happen.

The icons do appear again with the house icon, the stickman walking towards the house and the Apple TV icon, so it’s possible that it’s a geolocation setting of ‘when I’m arriving home turn the TV on, put the lights in movie mode…and fry me an egg?’ 

I guess for some of them we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully the rumors are right, because February isn’t too long to wait. 

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From 9to5Mac

Via The Verge

Qualcomm smart Home Hub platform will fill your house with Google Assistants

Qualcomm is about to go in big with the burgeoning smart home scene. As well as its ‘Smart Audio Platform’ CES announcement, which will help to push smart voice assistant technology into an even wider array of speakers, it’s also looking to become a smart home hub gatekeeper in its own right.

The Home Hub platform from Qualcomm will allow manufacturers to easily integrate the Google Assistant inside any smart device of their choosing. While one new Qualcomm system-on-a-chip focusses on appliances such as ovens and fridges, the second chipset is centered around the new wave of Google Assistant-powered devices that also feature a screen.

As well as speakers like the Lenovo Smart Display pictured above, these will also include anything with a display, from thermostats to security systems.

Getting Thingy with it

Qualcomm’s set up will support Google’s Android Things feature, which means most of the processing for a device’s purpose will take place locally, on the gadget itself, rather than being sent off to be processed elsewhere. In other words, if your web connection goes down, some functionality will still be retained.

If you’re looking to get in on Qualcomm’s smart home push, expect to see devices using its technology turn up before the summer kicks off. With Qualcomm’s dominance in the Android mobile space, it seems a safe bet that this relationship with Google’s growing smart home sector will be be a long one.

And, if you’re less enamoured with Google’s platform, that Smart Audio Platform announcement means that Qualcomm’s spread its eggs around a few baskets, supporting Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana too.

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More details of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus leak out ahead of MWC

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect already – but leaks about these handsets’ specs continue to drip out on to the web, just in case you want to take all the surprise out of Samsung’s official announcement.

The information put forth by South Korea’s ETNews confirms some of the rumors we’ve heard so far while also adding a few new interesting tidbits to the pot. Everything from the specs of the cameras to the shape of the internal circuit board gets a mention in the report.

First up the rear-facing cameras – the single-sensor one on the S9 is said to offer a variable f/1.5 to f/2.4 aperture, with the S9 Plus snapper keeping those same specs but offering two sensors in one camera. That ties up with previous whispers about the camera specs and should mean better low-light performance than ever.

Screen, camera, battery

The screen sizes also get a mention, with 5.77 inches and 6.22 inches mentioned for the S9 and S9 Plus respectively. We haven’t heard those exact numbers before, and may be the result of Samsung managing to make the bezels smaller than ever on the displays on the front of these devices.

As for the front-facing cameras, they’re reportedly pegged at 8MP, though the S9 version includes an iris scanner whereas the S9 Plus version has a separate module for eye scans – we’re not sure why but it’s something to look for when the official news arrives.

Various other technical specs mentioned in the article suggest that certain internal components have been shrunk down, perhaps leaving room for a bigger battery, and hint that the screen technology itself could also get a minor upgrade. In another month or so we should know for sure what Samsung has in store for 2018.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 wasn’t at CES 2018, but new rumors make it seem imminent

Via Android Authority